Commercial Tile Roofing Installation & Repair Services

photo of tile roofingDoes your business building or property have a roof with a pitch? If your rooftop isn’t flat then you have a lot of appealing roofing system options available to you! One of the more beautiful options is tile roofs. Our commercial tile roofing installation and repair services in Cincinnati, OH are a single call away! Our licensed roofers are expert tile technicians. We have installed as many different types of roofing tile as there are available.

Commercial roofing tiles can be clay, concrete, ceramic, metal and steel. Tile roofing is, historically, one of the most long-lasting protective roofing material to date. Many structures topped by roofing tiles have endured more than a hundred years with effective overall protection from weathering, moisture, hail and debris impact, and time.

Tile For Every Style

Not only are commercial tile roofs one of the most durable in the history of roofing materials,photo of interlocking roofing tiles but they are also considered particularly appealing to the eye. Tiles come in many kinds of textures and colors to meet the highest criteria of particular styles! From flat to barrel-style, roofing tiles can accommodate you and your roofing system.

The two most popular types of roofing tiles are concrete and clay. That is not only because of the Mediterranean feel they impress upon any onlooker, but also because of their virtual invulnerability to the elements. Weathering is never a big worry for clay and concrete tile roofs! Because of their material — clay or concrete — roofing tiles are typically inflammable and highly resistant to high winds up to 125 miles per hour.

Cost-Effective Roofing

As it has been proven over the centuries, tile roofs are both long-lived and require practically no maintenance without losing effectiveness. In fact, tile roofing solutions are considered one of the most energy-efficient types of roof systems.

Depending on the manufacturer, your tile roof may have or come with a warranty of anywhere from 50 years to limited lifetime. Given these long warranties and the basic lifespan of tile roofs, it is clear tile roofing systems offer one of the most cost-effective solutions to roofs in the industry.

For your commercial tile roofing installation and repair services in Cincinnati, OH, Weller Roofing roofers are prepared to assist you today! Call us at (513) 896-1600