Metal Commercial Roofing Services

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Installation

photo of standing seam metal commercial roofing systemFor a commercial roofing solution that is impenetrable to mold, insects and rot while also being able to withstand high winds hail, a standing seam metal roofing system is the right solution for you. For superior quality metal commercial roofing services in Cincinnati, OH, call on Weller Roofing! Our team of licensed and experienced contractors is happy to accommodate your roof installation needs.

Metal roofs are easily fitted to the unique design of your building or your theme while staying within budget!

Safety from Design to Performance

Standing seam metal roofs are created with continuous panels running from the ridge to the eaves, connected with fasteners. The fasteners are what give the this type of commercial photo of restaurant metal roofmetal roofing a “standing seam.” The extreme durability of regular metal roofs are amplified with standing seam metal roofing systems due to the waterproofing these fasteners provide the entire roofing structure. Seams lend a way for water to penetrate the other roofing materials, but raised seams eliminate the traditional weakness they pose to roofing systems. Standing seam metal roofs naturally decrease the potential for water damage.

As with all metal roofs, standing seam metal roofing offers both aesthetic appeal as well as high energy efficiency as they reflect UV light rather than absorb it — as many other types of roofing materials do. Aesthetically, a metal roof can appear in almost any fashion you want thanks to the wide selection of colors and styles available in the roofing and construction industry now. As the material is naturally and reinforced to be fire, water, ice shedding and snow-damage resistant, it adds up to a considerable amount of safety and high performance in a roof!

Metal roofs are an also extremely green option as they can be built over existing roofs — avoiding a re-roofing project which results in adding tons of waste to our landfills nationwide.

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