TPO Commercial Roofing

photo of rooferThermoplastic Polyolefin membranes, or TPO membrane roofing, is an excellent roofing solution for commercial roofing systems. The roofing installers and contractors at Weller Roofing provide Cincinnati with TPO commercial roofing installation and repairs at the highest quality of workmanship and performance. Our previous experience is a testament of our high standards, and contacting our licensed roofers today is proof of your own commitment as a building or business owner.

The Best of Both Worlds

TPO membranes are an excellent example of affordable photo of roof installersingle-ply roofing with one of the highest rates of durability available on the commercial market. It is a more economical alternative to PVC with many of the advantages of PVC and EPDM rubber roof membranes combined. Available in the colors white, grey or black, white has become the most popular due to its exemplary heat reflective performance.

Due to the membrane’s chemically- and performance-proven flexibility, TPO roofs are extremely resistant to any impact damage, including punctures and tears, as well as making it difficult for bacteria, dirt or algae to build up. It is also absolutely environmentally-friendly because every membrane can be recycled for a new roofing opportunity!\

High Performing Single-Ply

TPO membranes are manufactured with the newest technology, which has been proven to guard against UV degradation and heat aging. Re-roofing of a system less than a decade old is rarely needed, but when the time comes, TPO re-roofing is absolutely cost-effective, from its installation to its puncture resistance and seam strength. This roofing membrane out-lasts long-term weathering and offers easy installations!

TPO single-ply membranes can be installed over concrete or other abrasive services with the help of a protective sheet or felt. Not only does this ensure maximum flexibility and absolute ease with installations and repairs, but it also enhances hail resistance.

The 3 E’s of TPO

If you have a low-sloping roof on your business building, warehouse, industrial complex or apartment complex, then a TPO membrane is the best roofing solution for you. They are Economical, Environmental, and Easy to maintain. At Weller Roofing, our roof contractors and installers provide the best roofing service for Cincinnati! Your TPO commercial roofing installation and repairs are a simple call away. Get started today and contact your TPO experts at (513) 896-1600.