Residential Roofing

photo of residential rooferWeller Roofing provides the most reliable residential roofing repairs, installations and maintenance services in Cincinnati, OH. As your residential roofer, we are fully licensed and trained in installing and repairing one of the biggest investments in your home that you can make. Just as you wouldn’t trust an amateur or unlicensed doctor to give you your yearly physical exam, you should demand professional roofing services from established roofing experts.

Weller Roofing roofers are not only licensed by the state of Ohio for our roofing expertise, but we are also heavily — and consistently — trained in city codes, manufacturer codes and the highest-possible standards of each type of installation. Weller Roofing hires and trains the very best roofers who are proven to be honorable, treating every new house with the same respect they show their own home. We want to be certain our customers receive only the highest quality of roofing and construction services. Whether you are a new client or returning client, your project matters a great deal to us!

Full-Service House Roofers

Not only are we fully certified and heavily insured, as your local house roofing contractors we serve our Cincinnati community in Ohio with high quality workmanship on every project, from a roof installment or replacement to maintaining or fixing your gutters and siding. Below are a few of the services we offer:

Installing a New Roof

Even a roof made of the most durable roofing materials, installed perfectly and only having to withstand small rain storms eventually needs replacement. No roof has an infinite lifespan and the usual wear-and-tear of weathering will require a replacement of your home’s roof. When that time comes, trust in your Cincinnati roofers at Weller Roofing.

A new roof on your home means a new and fortified protective shield to your entire house and its contents. That is a big job and a big responsibility you should only trust with experienced, regularly trained residential roofing professionals. Weller Roofing has the integrity and highest standard of care in the business at the most affordable prices, available to you today!

Roofing Repairs at Your Home

Finding that your roof has been damaged by water, falling debris, hail or general aging is never a fun experience. Usually, unless you’re grabbing a ladder and examining your roof after every storm or calling up a professional to inspect your roof annually, the fastest way you realize your roof needs repairing is when a piece of it has fallen down. That is quite an awakening, and when it happens you need to know who you can call as quickly as possible to fix it.

Quality roof repairs act as an early-stage problem-catcher. That is, repairing a few missing or damaged shingles is much cheaper than waiting until there has been enough water damage seeping through those missing or damaged shingles to require an entirely new roof installed. And, as with most leaks, you’ll also end up needing to repair or replace your interior ceiling and walls, depending on how far the leak reaches. Repairing your roof catches those leaks early and will therefore cost you less money and fewer headaches.

At Weller Roofing, we treat every house with care and caution, offering our expertise to every part of your roof and many other features to your property. Being a homeowner can be filled with its own trials and challenges; don’t make your roof care become one of those tribulations. Use Weller Roofing for your residential roofing repairs, installations and maintenance services in Cincinnati, OH. Call (513) 896-1600 now.