Chimney Replacement & Repairs

photo of chimneyProtecting and maintaining the integrity of your chimney is important because a chimney, by its nature, offers a safe method of burning a fire. Without the proper airflow, however, the controlled fire can quickly pose a major problem to you and your household. Checking your flue and venting, and making sure your chimney is up to code, are important parts of owning a chimney. Outdoor chimney replacement and coding repairs are the best way to keep you, your home and your neighbors safe. Indoor chimney inspections and professional repairs are even more vital to the rest of your house as it is more exposed to weathering, insect and animal damage, and it acts as ventilation directly through your roof.

For the safest chimney replacement and repairs in Cincinnati, OH by licensed chimney repair contractors, contact Weller Roofing! We ensure no matter what kind of chimney you have — metal, brick, gas or wood — that it is up to code. If it isn’t, we’ll complete the chimney coding repairs with top-quality workmanship.

Chimney Work Expertsphoto of brick chimney

Our Weller Roofing chimney contractors are trained in chimney inspection methods, chimney construction, safety precautions, diagnosis and repairs. We know to look for problem areas commonly caused by extreme temperatures, water and moisture damage, signs of corrosive gas, nest-building birds or nest-building insects such as hornets, potentially fatal flue gases building up, and combustible issue spots produced by incompetent installers. Our chimney workers understand the proper venting of flue gases and how to inspect carefully for unintentional sparks which could cause a house fire.

Chimney, Venting, & Flue Inspections

Our chimney installation experts will check over your chimney cap for crumbling mortar, shrinking along the joints, amateur caulking and flashing that may need replacement. Every chimney is unique due to the house it’s built into, onto or next to, as well as the functionality you want. If you need a new chimney, want to replace your old chimney, suspect your chimney may need repairs or can’t remember the last time your chimney was inspected, call Weller Roofing! Our chimney replacement and repairs in Cincinnati, OH are performed by licensed chimney repair contractors. Call today at¬†(513) 896-1600.