Roof Inspection & Maintenance

photo of house after stormRoutine roof inspections are the most basic form of preventative maintenance, but they are frequently forgotten or overlooked. An annual roof inspection and maintenance service by the licensed roofers at Weller Roofing will keep your roof in good shape!

When a professional roofing expert inspects your roof, the technician isn’t simply skimming over the top layer to be sure every shingle, shake or tile is still in place. Experienced roofing contractors are trained to spot early signs of curling, blistering or buckling shingles, of cracked caulk or flashing rust, unsealed, missing or broken shingles, cracked rubber boots around vent pipes, and signs of algae growth, decay, mold or rot. Professional roofers can also better detect signs of harmful sun damage. Major damage from UV rays means your roof’s lifetime is nearing an end.

Mortal Roofs

Nothing lasts forever — though a couple of types of roofs certainly try! However, no matter what material your roofing system is made of or how expensive it was to install, every roof has anphoto of hail on roof end to its lifespan. But, much like people or pets, the better care we provide our roof the longer it will last. Assuming the installation was completed correctly the first time, it will still eventually require minor repairs. Without those repairs, which are included in general maintenance plans, your roof is certain to suffer an early demise.

Regardless of the roofing system you selected — whether it was for its environmental benefits, general strength or statistically long lifespan — if left without regular maintenance or inspections of its condition, its predicted lifespan is cut in half. This means your bank account will take an inevitable dive when you are surprised by the immediate need to replace your roof.

Maintaining Your Roof

Annual inspections to check for signs of early roof failure head off the necessity of costly services. To get the most out of your roof for the least amount of stress possible, call Weller Roofing contractors for an annual roof inspection and maintenance service in Cincinnati! And don’t hesitate to call an expert roofer after a particularly bad storm. If you suspect any damage at all but you can’t see your roof very well from the ground, a Weller Roofing technician will gladly assist you. Call us at (513) 896-1600.