Residential Metal Roofing Installation

photo of house, metal roofingMetal roofs are an excellent choice for houses in terms of durability, longevity and cost-efficiency. When you need residential metal roofing installation or repair services in Cincinnati, OH, call your Weller Roofing licensed contractors! The appearance of your roof is clearly a big factor when it comes to choosing your roofing materials. Not only are metal residential roofs extremely durable and have naturally extended longevity, but due to recent improvements within the industry, metal roofs can be made to look like any other material! They come in a wide selection of colors, finishes and styles in order to easily fit whichever theme you want your home to display.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

How can a metal roof save energy? Many of the more traditional roofing materials, such as composite asphalt shingles, can only absorb the UV light from the sun. Shingles that retain heat that way condense it into the area below — be it the attic or your top floor — making it harder on your air conditioning system to evenly cool. Metal, on the other hand, reflectsphoto of metal residential roof these harmful rays and leads to your home being able to cool more quickly and stay that way.

You can also install a metal roof over your existing roof, which saves on time and disposal problems that can arise in most roofing projects. Metal roofing panels are installed in sheets, which make their installment method quick and cost-efficient.

Not only are metal roofs less costly to install in the first place, but because of their durability over most other roofing materials, it voids the need to re-roof every 10 years. As metal roofs are inherently sturdy, they also require low maintenance throughout their extended life cycle.

Noiseless and Effective

A common misconception about metal roofs is that they make a ton of noise when it rains. This is rarely the case anymore. Modern metal roofs are usually installed over plywood decking. The layer of plywood combined with any attic insulation or similar conventional materials means the noise reduction is substantial. 

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