Replacing Roofs

photo of home roofThe roof on your house needs the same care as anything else to stay effective and last as long as possible. But no matter how perfect the installation, how excellent the annual maintenance or how efficient the repairs, every roof has a life cycle and every life cycle comes to an end. In this case, to keep your house and yourself safe, there comes a time to re-roof. When that day arrives, call Weller Roofing’s licensed installers! We have been replacing roofs for homes in Cincinnati, OH for years.

The more traditional roofing materials such as composite, asphalt or 3-Tab shingles can only last up to a decade before needing to be entirely replaced.

New Homeowners & New Lessons

If you recently bought your home and it is an older model with a lot of character, then your roof may undoubtedly need updating and replacing. The previous owner of your house may havephoto of wood shake residential roofing had a more laissez faire approach and possibly allowed professional repairs on the roof to go unchecked and incomplete for years. This means that any damage your roof has incurred from severe weather and falling debris has not been monitored or taken into account for quite some time. In this case, even if the roof was newly installed less than five years ago, it could be damaged irreparably and may require replacing now.

Re-roofing is not the end of the world, and while it can be quite a handful for an amateur or novice to undertake alone, the professional roofing installers at Weller Roofing can handle any type of roof, of any size. Whatever job you require, big or small, our roofing contractors can complete in a timely and orderly fashion with as little disruption to your personal and work schedules as possible.

Customer Care in Every Step We Take

We care about and respect your living space. We understand how hard it is to be productive when any portion of your life has been thrown into upheaval, like needing a whole new roofing system to cover your house. When something like this happens, you need the project to be placed in the hands of an experienced professional who operates with total transparency from the start. That way you can be sure of the cost every step of the way and avoid unexpected developments. As the homeowner, you should always have full and final say over how to handle any problem or make any changes to that home. Call on Weller Roofing if you want to work with trusted Cincinnati, OH roof specialists. Replacing roofs for homeowners looking to remodel, update or fix roofing structures is one of our specialties! Call us at (513) 896-1600.