Roofing Shingle Repair & Installation

photo of wood shingles, roof, residentialMany traditional roofs only have the lifespan of a decade, at most. This makes roof repairs and maintenance fairly important and new roof installations a crucial obligation to keeping your home in top form. If you have detected any signs of damage, then it is definitely time to call in the roofing professionals. Weller Roofing provides roofing shingle repair and installation services in Cincinnati, OH to many residences.

While not all damage to your roof can be seen from the ground — in fact, much of it can’t! — you can still spot a leak inside your home or notice a darkening spot on your ceiling. If you see signs of water damage, mold or bacteria build up, or obvious weakness in your structure from rot, calling in a licensed roofing technician or installer is a must.

Know the Signs

Water that has seeped beneath your shingles means there is a high probably that your shingles have been unsealed, lifted up from high winds,punctured from falling debris, or entirely torn from your roof during a recent storm. Ignoring even a few damaged or missing shingles may seem easy today, but tomorrow when your ceiling is falling in and you have a hole in your roof the size of a person so that you can stargaze from your living room couch, you may regret ignoring those missing shingles.

Full Coverage

Shingles come in many shapes, designs, and colors. Whether you have or want wood,photo of metal shingles, residential roofing composite, asphalt, 3-tab, plastic, flagstone, metal, fiber-cement or slate shingles, your Weller Roofing technicians can install them and keep them in excellent form for the best protection of your home. Our installers are among the best in the state of Ohio and provide top quality shingle repair services whenever you need them most.

The material of your shingles matters just as much as the climate you live in when it comes to necessary maintenance and general repair work. For example, wood shingles typically require more attention than the traditional asphalt shingle. However, metal shingles require low maintenance throughout the years and rarely require repairs, if any. When your Cincinnati, OH residential home needs trusted roofing shingle repair and installation services, call up the professional roofing contractors at Weller Roofing! Reach us at (513) 896-1600.