Skylight Installation

photo of skylightAre you interested in installing a skylight but are worried about leaks? Many clients have told our professional roofers that they expect skylights to be prone — and sometimes destined — to develop leaks. That expectation might have made more sense a decade ago, but today it simply isn’t valid. Newer developments in skylight installations include beautiful designs with excellent flashing methods, making water-infiltration worries a thing of the past! 

For your best-quality skylight installation services at affordable prices in Cincinnati, call Weller Roofing. Our licensed professional roofers are trained, licensed and experienced in installing and providing maintenance to all types of skylights for each unique home.

Natural light is an appealing feature to any home. A single skylight can add 30% more light than a regular window, providing an energy-saving opportunity with electricity bills as well as a truly beautiful attribute to the room’s design.

Is a Skylight Right for Your Roof?

photo of skylight with metal roofYes! The slope of your roof used to matter a great deal in determining whether a skylight installation was possible at all. Some roofs were considered too steep, while others were considered too flat and, for those truly determined and committed to the idea, special installation techniques that didn’t always pan out were employed. Today, however, modern skylights involve special flashing installation materials and methods which allow for safe, leak-free installations on a roof, no matter the degree of slope.

The surrounding material of your roof used to be a determining factor for whether a skylight installation was possible as well. It used to be only feasible with asphalt shingles. But new developments in the industry have enabled skylights to be installed with tiled roofs and metal roofing systems, too.

Skylight Considerations

If you want a skylight installed into your roof, there are certainly a few things about your home and your roof that you should take into consideration first:

Which way is your roof facing? Is your roof east-to-west or north-to-south? If your skylight will be getting direct sunlight, be aware of the room it will inevitably heat up and have a good plan for a way to keep that room from becoming a heat trap.
If you have an attic, is it cleared? Or do you have wires and structure boards in the way that will need to be taken into account?
If you have an attic, you will need a chase, or light shaft. The light shaft is built in the attic to connect and contain the natural light from the skylight into its target room.

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