Skylight Repair & Maintenance Services

photo skylightHas your stylish skylight been giving you a headache recently? Was it improperly installed? Did you get an inspection after it was installed to be sure it was done correctly?

If you find yourself doubting the state of your skylight or noticing a leak of water every time it rains, it is definitely time to call Weller Roofing. We provide Cincinnati with expert quality skylight repair and maintenance services!

The Dangers of Leaks

Modern skylights installed by professional roofers are designed with specialized flashings in order to stave off the threat of leaks. But if your skylight was installed with a kit by an amateur, or your flashings are defective, then it’s easy to see how a leak may have begun.¬†Leaking skylights are just as inconvenient and hazardous as any other leak in you roof. Extended exposure to moisture leads to interior damage, mildew, mold and bacteria development in walls and ceilings.

Maintenance Made Easy

photo of skylight in houseIf you haven’t yet noticed a leak from your skylight but it was installed more than six months ago, then you should certainly have it inspected and start a routine maintenance plan with dependable licensed roofers you can trust. At Weller Roofing, we have performing skylight maintenance and repairs on the houses of Cincinnati, OH homeowners for years. Our commitment to our clients has never wavered in all the time we have been established and our quality has only improved alongside the technology developments of the industry.

By calling the Weller Roofing skylight experts, you are calling on top quality and pure excellence to assist you in perfecting the state of your home to its very best.

Skylights are a beautiful and fantastic way to improve any living space. The natural light they fill an area with is a lovely touch to any bedroom, bathroom, entryway or living room. But that beauty doesn’t mean you have to put up with the harmful mold caused by constant leaking! Act today and get your skylight inspected by licensed experts who know what to look for and how to repair any issue they detect. Weller Roofing’s skylight repair and maintenance services in Cincinnati are above reproach! Call¬†now: (513) 896-1600.