Slate Roofing Services

photo of slate residential roofSlate roofing systems are a truly attractive roof-scape for any home. Slate roofs provide a beautiful touch to your exterior, and their care is of the utmost importance to Weller Roofing. We have provided Cincinnati, OH with professional grade, top-quality slate roofing services for years. From the initial slate roof installation to the repair work and basic maintenance plan, our licensed roofing contractors provide full slate roofing services for our customers.

Long-Lasting Slate Roofing

The lifespan of a slate roof can be determined by its manufacturer and the experience of the photo of slate roofinstaller. However, there are also other determining factors you should keep in mind when in comes to your slate roofing system. Among these factors is the pitch of your roof. The pitch should always be taken into account, as roofs with steeper slopes, or greater pitch, will inevitably outlast slate roofs with lower pitches. This is because steeper-sloped rooftops shed snow and rain more readily than their flatter counterparts. The difficulty of water collecting on the steep roofs, combined with the decreased amount of impact the roof takes from hail and debris, allows for slate roofs with high pitches to dry faster and take less head-on damage.

Also, as with many other types of roofing systems, attic ventilation, extra moisture and UV light barriers, leak barriers and the protection roof decks or underlayments always go a long way in extending the life and effectiveness to any roof.

The Significance of Roof Care

Other factors that affect the lifespan of slate roofs include flashing installments, general maintenance and the skill in which any repairs are administered. The importance of having the right roofing contractor you can rely on from the first installation and throughout the life cycle of your roof is as vital as the materials used.

Finding the best slate roofing services in Cincinnati, OH is made easy now! Contact Weller Roofing today to have the peace of mind that your roof is serviced by experienced installers. By excelling in our field on every job, the roofers at Weller Roofing have instilled confidence in our customers, one roof at a time! Call us today at (513) 896-1600.